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Women’s Cell
Women’s Cell of the institution aims at the overall development of her students in the college through making them aware of their special role in building the society, conscientising them on gender issues, bringing out the best in them, providing opportunities in the form of discussions, seminars and developing leadership qualities in them.
Tourism Club
Tourism Club aims at creating awareness in the socio-economic relevance of tourism, its career prospects for the students and to identify the tourist spots in Kerala.
Health Club
Health Club aims at spreading awareness on health and hygiene and maintaining one’s own surroundings clean.
Youth Red Cross
Youth Red Cross provides opportunities to attend seminars, training programmes and social services that promote social concern.
Social Service Club
Social Service Club undertakes programmes to inculcate in the students cooperation, feeling of brotherhood, kindness and sensitivity through various activities like distribution of clothes, meals, visiting orphanages, conducting awareness programmes and providing free tuitions.
Zeitgeist the literary association of English Optional serves to develop the literary and aesthetic sense of the students. Their watch word ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ is proved through the various activities.
Sahithi the association of the Malayalam optional true to its motto ‘Enrich our culture and literature and thus enrich Kairali ‘ organizes activities to improve and enrich Malayalam language.
Mathematics tries to express the world wide problems in the form of simple equations and solve it. It aims to make mathematics an interesting subject by correlating with other subjects and life.
Scientech the Physical Science Association tries to develop vigour and enthusiasm in future science teachers and coming generations.
Silent Spring
Silent Spring The natural Science association Silent Spring is formed with the motto “ Nuture Nature for future”
Renaissance the vision of Social Science Association is the enlightenment of the society to a new age and is leading the society on a new path that upholds values.