About Institution

Nova College Of Education. Was established during  the year 2002-2003. With  Bachelor of Education(B.Ed).The motto of the College is “Enter to learn: Leave to serve”. The Nova College of Education has been permitted by the Government of Andhra pradesh and is recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education, Southern Regional Committee, and Bangalore. The College is affiliated to the Andhra University, which conducts the Examinations and awards B.Ed degree.

                        The Nova College of Education runs the programs M.Ed ( Approved by Govt. of A.P., & NCTE, affiliated to the Andhra University and D.Ed(Approved by Govt. of A.P.,& SCERT. In an attempt to bring to fruition the dreams of it’s founder visionaries, the institution began with an initial intake capacity of 100 students with 4 optionals and ever since, the college has been scaling new heights. At present, the intake capacity has increased to 235 In 2008 the college moved to a new trajectory of growth with the inclusion of the P.G and elementary Education Courses. This college,the first college of teacher education in the jangareddigudem mandal (tribal area )..

Our Objectives

  • To mould the Student Teachers as of character, with intellectual excellence and moral spiritual values.
  • To meet the demands and requirements of the oppressed women, and down trodden , a welfare organization cell was set up which provides guidance and counseling
  • To prepare young Graduates and Post - Graduates as efficient and effective teachers by nurturing in them a comprehensive knowledge by conducting curricular and co - curricular programmes.
  • To endow the student teachers with knowledge and values which are productive and effective
  • To develop the personality of the student teachers by inculcating in them good convictions, sound principles and high ethical values, needed in their profession as teachers.
  • To ensure the holistic development of the student teachers.
  • To enable the student teachers to acquire theoretical knowledge required to     become ideal teachers.
  • To enable the student teachers to acquire teaching skills to master the art of teaching.
  • To develop desirable Attitudes, ethics and perceptions to become responsible citizens as teachers.
  • To Endeavour continuously to make the institution as a centre of excellence in teacher education.
  • To promote qualitative research in teacher Education.
  • To make the student teachers as self reliant and resourceful members of the society.
  • To enable the student teachers to become the effective disseminators of cultural heritage of the nation.
  • To inculcate human values among student teachers.
  • To develop communication skills among student teachers relevant to the modern world.



  • To build egalitarian based on justice, Freedom and Harmony through our Teacher Trainees.


    • To prepare student teachers, imparting knowledge and skills anchored on the needs of the nation.
    • To propagate and disseminate knowledge relevant to make effective teachers.
    • To prepare teachers with professional zeal and zest.
    • To promote research that addresses educational needs and problems of learners, teachers and community.
    • To impart training for the development of the 4D’s - Discipline, Dedication, Devotion and Duty mindedness and the coordination of the 3 H’s - Head, Heart, and Hand.
    • To mould Student teachers as future citizens with a global vision.
    • To prepare teachers with national integrity, intellectual ability, high moral standards and social commitment.
    • To strive & sustain our institution as a scholarly abode for student teachers, teacher educators and community at large.